WIPocalypse 2017

Question of the month: Recap your accomplishments for the year!

So, my goal was to finish the Arrow poster, but as you see, that didn't really happen... but still, I only have one color, 939, left to finish, so I can't really complain. 

This month's progress:

At the end of last year:


Added: 11 colors, 271429 stitches

Questions from the previous months: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

My third year doing the WIPocalypse! :D This year I only have one goal: to finish my Arrow season 2 poster! This is also the only WIP I'm gonna work on until I actually finish it!

January: What Stitch-a-Longs (SALs) are you participating in this year?

Apart from this one only the Full coverage SAL from Cross Stitch Finish Line on Facebook. That's the only one I can fit the Arrow poster in :DD

February: What is your favorite stitch other than the standard cross stitch?

I guess I'm really boring, but I don't really use any stitches other than the standard cross stitch... my full coverage pieces don't need anything else :))

March:  What stitchy blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?

Let's see... Blogs: you can see them in my blog list on the right :) Groups: not many, just the official HAED group, a Hungarian stitcher's group and Cross Stitch Finish Line. Flosstubes: waaaay too many to list. Some of the people I'm subscribed to are Katy (the Stash Queen), Danielle (Stitcherista), Jessie (Jessie Marie does stuff), Tracy P, Andrea (I Heart Cross Stitch), Tina (Simply in Stitches), and many more, with 660 videos currently in my watch later list... my problem is I'm a completist, and I need to see every video from someone before I subscribe to them, so I can keep up to date with their videos :D

April: What projects are in your UFO pile?

 I only have one UFO, Teddy Bear Gathering, a Dimensions kit. It's almost finished, the only thing missing is the backstitching... I can't help it, I hate backstitching... but maybe next year, once I finish the Arrow poster, I'll put it back into my rotation and try to finish it off bit by bit...

May: Which designer’s projects do you absolutely love, but are too intimidated to try?
Chatelaines. Not really intimidated per se, more like all the specialty stitches and beads are not really my thing. I guess I'm a purist, for me cross stitching means strictly cross stitches, all the specialty stitches make it a different kind of embroidery. Apart from that, I find them absolutely stunning, even if I'd never stitch one! :DDD

June: Show us your stitching space!  Where do you sit, and what is going on around you while you stitch (TV, audiobooks, etc)?

I'm always on my couch when I stitch :D And almost always with the TV on. I either watch my favorite shows or Flosstube (was watching Emily C/eclecticpossessions' latest video when I took the picture :D) Please excuse the mess that is my coffee table-turned-stitchy table :DDD

My stitchy spot

My view when I'm stitching

Errrmmmm... no comment :DDDD

July: What are your oldest and your newest WIPs?

My oldest WIP is my Montecristo, while the newest one is Dogwood Chapel - you can see both of them on my current status page :)

August: How do you get yourself out of a stitching drought?

I don't really have an answer for it, because as hard it is to believe, I don't really get into one! I've been working non-stop on Arrow since last October, and I didn't get bored of it at all!  But that's just me :DDDD  I think the key could be a good rotation, or a new start of something you really like :)

September: Which floss (or color of floss) do you absolutely adore and want to stash constantly?

 I'm completely in love with blues, turquoises and teals, my two absolute favorites are DMC 995 and 3844.

October:  How did you begin stitching?

Actually, my grandma taught me when I was 3 or 4 years old, but I didn't really do much with it. Later she got a printed needlepoint canvas with floss from a friend, and I got curious when I saw her working on it, so I asked her to teach me - we ended up finishing that one together, followed by another one, after that I got my own small canvas - that I never finished, because she also taught me how to knit, so the next couple of years were spent knitting enough sweaters for a lifetime :DDD It took me quite a few years after that to find my way back to stitching - but ever since then I didn't stop, and I get more and more obsessed each day :DDDD

November: What finishing style have you never tried but would love to do?

I don't really have any that I'd like to try yet, all my wips will need to be framed :D

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  1. Lovely work =) I think over 11k stitches in a month is quite a bit and I am pretty sure that you won't take to long to finish something once you decided on it ;-)

    1. Thank you! I hope I can really speed up once I get to the really big blocks of color :D

  2. Wow! This is going to be amazing - great progress so far!

  3. Good luck with your goal, you have a great start so far!

  4. Your stitching looks great! That's amazing detail.

  5. This project is really great. You have made great progress.

  6. That is an amazing project, and your progress is incredible!

  7. You have made alot of progress this year. You look close to being finished.