2015. december 31., csütörtök

Arrow 080

Úgy tűnik, beválik a tippem, és tényleg az Arrow felirat fog elsőként elkészülni! :D Már alig van üres hely a betűkben, az 1120 öltésnyi 958 is szinte kivétel nélkül oda ment.

Looks like I guessed correctly, and the Arrow sign will indeed be the first completed part of the wip! :D There are hardly any empty spaces in the letters, most of the 1120 stitches of 958 went into them as well.



4 megjegyzés:

  1. Lovely =) It always makes me happy to be able to spot the difference :D I always try to find to single stitches you put in, but I usually fail at it :D

    1. Thank you! :) And it will just become even easier to find the new stitches with each new color, I'm slowly getting close to the 2000+-stitch-colors! :D