2018. július 1., vasárnap

Montecristo 019

67 öltés: 3834
68 öltés: 829, 3041
72 öltés: 930

67 stitches: 3834
68 stitches: 829, 3041
72 stitches: 930



3 megjegyzés:

  1. Oh my, I was super busy during the last weeks and away from blogland and it feels like you posted a ton of updates on even more projects! I so sorry, but I feel like if I write a comment on every single post, I might take forever and they might all sound the same, lol. But I read and admired all your posts from the last 6 weeks tonight and they all look amazing =) I love to see you work on all those different projects and I enjoy searching the stitches you added (though sometimes they still seem to be invisible :D ) ;-)

    1. LOL, no problem! I've been kinda doing a post dump lately :DDD With Arrow finished I've returned to my rotation and with most of my wips still in the beginning confetti-full stages I don't get nearly as much progress as I'm used to, OTOH since I post a pic after each finished color, I have to update a lot more often than I've been doing before :DD I'm trying to post here every day like I do on Instagram, but the blog usually gets left for the weekends.

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